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Visual Studio Code portable app made with rocket Portapps.
A source code editor developed by microsoft for windows, linux and macos.

Latest version 1.27.2
Internal release 8
Last updated 2018/09/14
Maintainer CrazyMax


Fresh installation

Download and install the latest portable setup where you want then run vscode-portable.exe.

App already installed

If you have already installed Visual Studio Code from the original setup, do the same thing as a fresh installation and move files :

  • %APPDATA%\Code\* to data\appdata\Code

Run vscode-portable.exe and then you can remove Visual Studio Code from your computer.


For an upgrade, simply download and install the latest portable setup.


Tested on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


Command Line Interface (CLI) is available through code in the root folder.


Portable setup

Full portable release of Visual Studio Code as a portable setup. Recommended way!

  Visual Studio Code portable win32 (setup)
  Visual Studio Code portable win64 (setup)

7z archive

Full portable release of Visual Studio Code as a 7z archive.

  Visual Studio Code portable win32 (7z)
  Visual Studio Code portable win64 (7z)

All releases

Version Date Format Platform Download
1.27.2-8 2018/09/14 setup win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.27.2-8-setup.exe
1.27.2-8 2018/09/14 setup win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.27.2-8-setup.exe
1.27.2-8 2018/09/14 7z win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.27.2-8.7z
1.27.2-8 2018/09/14 7z win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.27.2-8.7z
1.27.1-7 2018/09/07 setup win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.27.1-7-setup.exe
1.27.1-7 2018/09/07 setup win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.27.1-7-setup.exe
1.27.1-7 2018/09/07 7z win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.27.1-7.7z
1.27.1-7 2018/09/07 7z win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.27.1-7.7z
1.27.0-6 2018/09/06 setup win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.27.0-6-setup.exe
1.27.0-6 2018/09/06 setup win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.27.0-6-setup.exe
1.27.0-6 2018/09/06 7z win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.27.0-6.7z
1.27.0-6 2018/09/06 7z win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.27.0-6.7z
1.26.1-5 2018/08/19 setup win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.26.1-5-setup.exe
1.26.1-5 2018/08/19 setup win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.26.1-5-setup.exe
1.26.1-5 2018/08/19 7z win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.26.1-5.7z
1.26.1-5 2018/08/19 7z win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.26.1-5.7z
1.26.0-4 2018/08/15 setup win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.26.0-4-setup.exe
1.26.0-4 2018/08/15 setup win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.26.0-4-setup.exe
1.26.0-4 2018/08/15 7z win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.26.0-4.7z
1.26.0-4 2018/08/15 7z win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.26.0-4.7z
1.24.1-3 2018/06/21 setup win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.24.1-3-setup.exe
1.24.1-3 2018/06/21 setup win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.24.1-3-setup.exe
1.24.1-3 2018/06/21 7z win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.24.1-3.7z
1.24.1-3 2018/06/21 7z win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.24.1-3.7z
1.24.0-2 2018/06/06 setup win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.24.0-2-setup.exe
1.24.0-2 2018/06/06 setup win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.24.0-2-setup.exe
1.24.0-2 2018/06/06 7z win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.24.0-2.7z
1.24.0-2 2018/06/06 7z win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.24.0-2.7z
1.23.1-1 2018/05/30 setup win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.23.1-1-setup.exe
1.23.1-1 2018/05/30 setup win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.23.1-1-setup.exe
1.23.1-1 2018/05/30 7z win32 vscode-portable-win32-1.23.1-1.7z
1.23.1-1 2018/05/30 7z win64 vscode-portable-win64-1.23.1-1.7z